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Our history


  • June 1989

    Foundation of the Agency

    The travel agency and tourism SUBATOURS LTDA., Was founded by Mr. Gustavo Delgado Garavito and Mrs. Martha Garcia Delgado, in the year 1989, under license IATA No. 76741173, license National Tourism Corporation as tuition BOG-VT REC-0858 and subsequently Docket No. 5486 of the Ministry of Development. Gradually, SUBATOURS LTDA. He entered the area of managing corporate accounts the government sector, which is today leader, ranking as one of the travel agencies with higher rates of sales and results throughout the national level.

  • 1989 - 2010

    Recognition and
    Quality Seals

    The agency has become part of the Club of Twenty and the Club Honors Avianca, the airline credit granted to those agencies that achieve significant sales levels and excellent quality of service, year after year. Other airlines have distinguished, also, to SUBATOURS LTDA. as one of its allies privilege. For 21 consecutive years, SUBATOURS LTDA. He has worked under the philosophy that quality service and product, is the first law of its customers, for which all its human and technical team works according to guarantee. With pride, and thanks to its excellent service, dedication to customer service, infrastructure and high professionalism, SUBATOURS LTDA., Is worthy of tourist quality seal Sectorial Technical Standards, NTS AV01 booking travel agency, NTS AV02 customer Support, NTS AV03 infrastructure, NTS 04 design tour packages.

  • 2010 - 2016


    In 2.010, SUBATOURS LTDA. enters the wholesale segment of travel and tourism, after a careful analysis of the wide and varied range of destinations, plans and programs in the environment. Based on knowledge of professional experts, we have structured a selection of traditional and unconventional, infusing the added values ​​that allow us to enter the market with a brand new concept in treating travel plans. Our division vacation and business, SUBATOURS TRAVEL WHOLESALER, with the support of a strong professional team of plant and renowned international operators, presents a wide range of plans and destinations, including an interesting range of exclusive proposals, structured based on the exploration of the inexhaustible wealth of tourist geography and culture on the planet. In parallel, we present our Incentive Plan, for our corporate customers - frequent-travelers, and to agents and travel consultants interested in discovering a new service option in which attention, product knowledge, information, advice and support are conjugated.

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