Advertising Campaigns

Convenes cleaning beaches

A tremendous amount of solid waste and residues to tourists and even residents of areas near the beaches throw indiscriminately. We invite travelers and natives, to carry bags to store their waste and when leaving throw in the right places for timely collection.

Social responsability

Continuously for media support for different sectors of the population to the national government's inability to solve and cover all fronts is convened. In 2015 a calamity affection to the Nasa community in Piendamó - Cauca, SUBATOURS in head Dr. Gustavo Delgado came to help these families.

Blacks and Whites' Carnival

This event takes place in the department of Nariño every year in the months of December and January. It is a unique environment where tolerance, respect and equality prevail race comviven and to enrich the culture of Colombia. Troupes, makeup, music and gastronomy are alunos of the features of this carnival considered by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

No more child sexual exploitation

NO MORE!!! is the advertising campaign to raise awareness Subatours drives and stop the commercial sexual exploitation of children and preteens. There is no excuse for those who are part of this crime, we denounce together and be done with this flajelo affecting these minors.