Climate and Temperature

It is important that each traveler hold consultations on the place of destination us, including if not the most important "Climate". Remember the importance depending on the time of year when you make your reservation. Below is a basic guide to climate and temperature according Köopen that can relate to our tour packages.


For safety, remember the importance of data embassy or consulate hand.

Medical assistance

Make sure you have a plan or health insurance protects you and yours during the trip.


Remember that communication is important, if possible please have a dictionary or digital translator.


It is advised not to travel with a lot of cash and using credit cards. Some dollars in cash will be sufficient.


Arriving record and have available emergency numbers. And note the evacuation plan.

Trip plan

Know your travel itinerary so you can enjoy and be calm during your journey. Do not be discouraged.

Documentation for travelers

Before preparing your trip consider the following documentation.