San Andrés Island
& the sea of 7 colors

DAY 1: TOUR BAY CRUISE: Walk around the Caribbean Island with welcome cocktail, rumbero room, sun terrace, and dance classes; Animation during navigation.

DAY 2: VISIT JOHNNY CAY: is a small island in the north of San Andrés famous for its white sandy beaches that surround and palm groves. its beaches are considered among the best in the world. You can reach Johnny CayCon a boat boatmen's cooperative or hiring a tour in an agency.

The climate of the island is warm, ranging between 26 ° C and 29 ° C in summer and winter where two seasons predominate. Winds help relieve a little heat, usually blowing from the east, and when storms in the Caribbean presented the winds blow strongly from the northeast. Generally during the year the rains are defined by dry and rainy season. The first has a variable duration that can reach five consecutive months, while the next months are rainy, with strong winds, mainly the second week of June.

DAY 3: THE HOLE BLOWER: is a geyser found in the south of the island The effect of water propelled by the waves hitting the coral 10 meters below the hole, throws water pressure to 15 meters. high. Along alHoyo Blower, you can find a shop where the famous drink "coco loco" is prepared. After 18:00 pm. public transport low frequency so it is not advisable to go after that time. Important: Before attending see if the tide is high or low. If the tide is low you will not see the geysers in action.

MORGAN'S CAVE: According to a legend of the island, in this cave the famous Pirata Morgan left hidden a treasure of gold and jewels that has never been found. Around the cave it has built a walk with various attractions such as the Museo del Coco, the Pirate Museum and even a replica of a pirate ship.

DAY 4: THE AQUARIUM OR FELL AQUARIUS: also known as Rose Cay, is a cay surrounded by a coral reef and full of goldfish. It is ideal for lovers of snorkeling and marine life. It is located half an hour from San Andres boat. It is called The Aquarium for being a true natural aquarium.